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Introduction of Sponsorship

ICAPP 2023 welcomes sponsorship from interested companies and organizations.



By sponsoring at ICAPP 2023, you will have a unique marketing opportunity with the benefit of promoting your company brand to global leaders in the nuclear industry.


ICAPP 2023 offers exciting opportunities designed to increase your visibility, product/service awareness and sales.


Do not miss out on various sponsorship opportunities for ICAPP 2023.

Main Sponsorship Package and Benefits

* Since the back cover, inside of front or back cover is limited to one page each, if there are multiple sponsors of the same grade, the advertisement page is allocated to the first depositor first, and two pages of advertisements are provided to other sponsors with the same ranking.

** Depending on the level of sponsorship, the location and size of the logo are exposed differently.

Download Sponsorship Prospectus & Contact Information

Companies interested in sponsoring at ICAPP 2023 can download the prospectus below, fill out an application form and submit it to the ICAPP 2023 secretariat at

ICAPP 2023 Secretariat - Sponsorship Inquiries

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